Farm quails, Tenderloin or Spatchcock chicken… try the varied world of steaks

Here comes the rain and with it a host of steak and sizzler fests in the city. Does the pitter-patter stir one up to bite into succulent, juicy pieces of meat? It seems it does.

The Monsoon Steakout at The Trident is one with a difference and if you thought how different can one be in steaks then you need to check it out. Chef Eeshaan has very thoughtfully dressed the meats differently presenting them in stylish versions. And again he has very heartily crafted veg versions. The oriental grilled silkened tofu (Rs. 425) is done delicately with teriyaki sauce and served with wild mushrooms and broken rice. The soyabean steak comprises Soya patties served with an assortment of colourful vegetables. For the veggies the most popular dish is the grilled paneer shaslik served with aromatic Cajun rice.

Coming to the meats, the bacon wrapped beef tenderloin steak wins it hands down for its spunk and the wine sauce. It’s ‘bloody’ good, done rare. Another preparation, the Brazilian steak, is as good as it can get. Bold, macho and served with a sunny side up, the beef holds the food world.

The Jamaican Spatchcock, is a chicken meat cut that ties the breast, thigh and leg into a generous half. Chilli sauce, herb rice and the ever-popular French fries go with it. The garlic thyme encrusted farm quail is another wondrous delight, for its country flavours.

Porcini and wild mushrooms stuffed in chicken breast done with an oil, vinegar and wine dressing keeps to the conventional style. The grilled lamb chops and the glazed pork chops too make up the perennial favourites in steaks. I settle for the Ahi Tuna, the red meat chop done delicately— rare to medium— served with slices of cherry tomatoes, basil, pine nuts and fresh coriander.

I come away satiated and with a knowledge that steaks need not be gruff, rough, heavy affairs. They can be gentle, stylish and wholesome soul food, especially here as each order comes with a glass of wine. Rains, a gourmet crafted steak and a glass of wine. Can one ask for more?

The fest is on till July 7 and open after 11 a.m. For reservations contact — 0484 3081000

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