High Ultra Lounge gives a sensorial treat on the highest dining experience in South India

Perched atop the prestigious World Trade Centre in Malleswaram, the High Ultra Lounge sits on top of the world, literally in terms of Bangalore. By far the highest F&B point in South India, the uber-luxurious restro bar of Brigade Hospitality is spread over a 10,000 sq. feet capacity area on the rooftop of the 31st floor at 421 feet. Add the exquisite Asian banquet of the menu to the mesmerising view of the cityscape stretching to the horizon and you have one breathtaking culinary experience you will remember forever.

Stepping off the lift that gave us a fleeting glass-view glimpse of the city’s evening lights; my friend and I are ushered into High through a colour-coded walkway. Divided into four zones, we excitedly make our way to ‘High View’, a lounge space to catch the last rays of the setting sun. Watching nature’s glory sinking into the horizon from this point is a spectacular memory to treasure. We are then taken to ‘High Edge’, an exclusive sector for private parties with its own standalone bar and well-camouflaged entrances. Then, we are led to ‘High Mix’, a high-energy lounge bar where the drinks are mixed live under a mood-colour set hanging crystal ceiling and ample space to groove to the live DJ set. And finally, we are taken to what becomes our favourite spot for the evening – ‘High Dine’, an al fresco dining area overlooking Bangalore’s panoramic backdrop and surrounded by vertical gardens and fountains and ambient music.

We kick off with drinks as we sit at a table overlooking the city lights. Digging into the starters, the obvious favourite turns out to be the crabstick tempura that is quickly polished off. The chicken satay with spicy Japanese mayo, chilly beef with asparagus and celery prawns with spicy croutons are each veritable blends of flavour and meat. For the veggie in me, I dabble in sesame cheese rolls — an inherent strawberry-cheese creation followed by Asian spiced cottage cheese with spicy dip and stir fried fresh mushrooms and black fungus in Zhang sauce (the Zhang standing for the executive chef with his secret recipe).

The main course follows and we are served Thai veg green curry with laksha curry fish along with garlic fried rice and sobba noodles (with red chillies and scallion).

To add to this, we also try out San Bei chicken hot pot and stir-fried pokchoy, tofu, Chinese cabbage and black fungus. The Asian spread, served in oval bowls to keep the food from getting cold, is a soulful range of finely-combined ingredients that is an attempt to stand out from the norms of traditional Asian recipes.

Meanwhile, an entourage of drinks has being steadily pouring into our dinner. We started with ‘moon lighting’ and ‘constellation’ – mellow starter cocktails that paved way for more bolder liquids served personally by bar operations director Guru who mixes us a special ‘Guru’s love potion’, ‘inception' and my favourite bamboo shoot covered ‘walk the talk’. We top the drinks spree with a fantastic sipper called ironically ‘The Last Order’ made exquisitely at the High Mix bar.

High Ultra Lounge also has champagne breakfasts and Sunday brunches, but they love serving it best under the evening sky and stars. Launched on February 6, the restro bar is opening its complete menu out in three phases.

Saving the best for the last, we are finally escorted through a well-concealed doorway to the real treat of the gastronomical phenomenon – the helipad. Looking up, we couldn’t catch the barely-visible moon, but the exhilarating expanse of the space brought the stars closer home and gave newer meaning to ‘the perfect high’ of the lounge dining experience. High Ultra Lounge’s sensorial extravagance is the perfect romantic getaway for the city’s gourmets.