Eating out It’s not just about sweet endings but good beginnings too at Benny’s Dessert Safari

Sometimes you accidentally stumble upon surprises. An unwittingly wrong turn into the crowded Eldams Road leads us to one such pleasant surprise — Benny’s Dessert Safari.

Even though it’s just one of those mundane work days, once inside this dessert parlour it feels like you are on a holiday in a parallel universe. It’s a calm, laid-back place with the feel of a 1920’s Parisian patisserie. You almost expect women in cloche hats to waltz in with their men sporting pompadours.

But the only people who walk in are a couple with their little child who plasters herself against the showcase pointing to almost all the goodies stocked in there and looking longingly at her parents. Meanwhile our waiter arrives with a menu and the peanut butter éclair that we had asked for. Priced at Rs.100, a bit much for its size, this miniscule delight comes with a fluffy base, a dollop of peanut butter and a coating of white chocolate on top. This is the perfect example for good things in small packages.

The concept here is to include a bit of dessert in everything they do. Therefore the soups too — both hot and cold — have a sweet touch. The staff tells us that they also do food that pairs well with sweet dishes without overpowering the flavour of the desserts. “We did quite a few trials to figure what goes well. We tried out pizzas, pastas and burgers but we realised that didn’t go too well. Finally we settled for this menu comprising salads, a few short eats and main courses such as steaks and wraps,” says Vineet M. Benny, managing director. The carrot coconut soup, a rich concoction of the two, has a rather silky texture and is light on the palate. A pretty shade of peach, it looks like something Barbie would prepare for Ken on Valentine’s Day.

Benny’s Dessert Safari takes pride in its chicken steak in strawberry salsa. Medium done steak slathered with demurely sweet chunks of strawberry and Mexican salsa, served with a portion of slender French fries and herbed rice…once we tuck into it we know why this is one of their specialities.

This safari seems to move at a slow pace since the entrees and main course take a while to come. But you realise some things are worth the wait — like the paneer wrap. With chunks of cottage cheese, onion and tomato drizzled with mustard sauce and hardly any trace of oil, the wrap is gratifying. The portion is substantial too unlike the rest of the menu.

What do we end the meal with we wonder. Baklava, lemon curd in chocolate cup, espresso chocolate cream brulee, strawberry creamy flan …around 50 varieties to choose from. Finally, it is the cheerful yellow mango mascarpone pannacotta. For fans of the king of fruits, this sure is mango heaven in a cup.

Benny’s Dessert Safari is about sweet endings and sweeter beginnings. It’s located at No.107, Eldams Road. Call: 33824444