Don’t forget to chew as you sing along at Vizag’s newest fine dining restaurant Euphoria

As we walked into Euphoria, music wafted through the air as the band was playing an old Kishore Kumar classic. Although we were tempted to sit right in front of the band, the tables were occupied and we settled down at a table next to a bamboo display that had a large statue of Buddha in the middle and a trickling waterfall in a corner. The décor was simple but stylish- white tablecloths with red runners and red upholstery on the chairs. Red lamps hung from the ceiling throwing a soft yellow light across the restaurant. The walls were adorned with some beautiful sepia toned photographs of the city.

The menu cards were divided into Indian, Chinese and Continental sections. It was a vast menu that was self-explanatory as it offered descriptions about every dish. We ordered and sat back to enjoy the music that had now changed to more contemporary songs.

I asked the server not to clear the menu and went through it in detail. The tandoori section offered kebabs made using marinades influenced by Punjabi, Afghani and Lucknowi styles of cooking. Sea food lovers could feast on an entire sear fish cooked in the tandoor or sea food cooked in local and Goan styles. But what made Euphoria stand out from other restaurants in the city was the extensive list of continental dishes on offer. It offered mostly classics (in tune with the music) like pepper steak, shashlik, stroganoff, lobster and fish fingers. It is a foodies dream come true but if you are the type of person who gets confused on looking at a large variety and are looking for something familiar, there is a section dedicated to biryani. Chinese dishes are spiced up to suit the local palate.

As we looked around, we found most of the diners singing along to the music with the customary round of applause after every song. The group sitting at the bar seemed to be having a wonderful time getting rather animated as the evening progressed. Our snacks arrived and the crispy American corn was crunchy and well seasoned. Stuffed mushrooms were cheesy and moist. The barbecue chicken was full of flavour and the kebabs were soft and succulent.

Feeling quite full already we decide to restrict our meal only to short eats. Meanwhile we sent in requests for a few songs to be played. The band obliged and we moved closer to them towards the dance floor in appreciation. Two more types of paneer kebabs and an entire tandoori fish later we could no longer stuff ourselves and promised that the next time we visit we would continue where we left off and head straight for the main course.

Euphoria is run by the Vihar Hospitality that runs the Offshores restaurant at Rushikonda. Seshagiri Mantri, the co-owner says they opened the restaurant as they wanted to provide Vizagites with a fine dining experience that was earlier only available at five star hotels in the city. “Our prices are affordable and we would like to become a restaurant that is a popular family hangout as well as a place for friends to catch up.” If you are a fan of old Hindi songs then the band V-Touch is sure to draw you back. And if it’s the food that draws you to the restaurant, be assured that the vast menu will offer something different with every visit.