Prawns come untouched by an army of spices here

This one is for those who opt for a healthy way of life.

Fresh, large prawns don’t go in for a customary bath in oil here, but are grilled with two allies that only accentuate the virtues of the prawn — salt and pepper. To accompany the prawn made with minimum fuss is an entire vegetable garden. Throw in any vegetable, put in some mashed potatoes, a tiny portion of pasta if you like and a steady stream of the bell pepper sauce — it is a wholesome meal.

Grilled prawns with sweet pepper sauce


180 gms (three pieces) prawns

50 gms mash potatoes

50 gms grilled vegetables

20 ml olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

For the sauce

50 gms roasted red bell pepper

100 ml vegetable stock


Marinate prawns with salt, pepper and olive oil. Grill over hot plate or a griller and keep them aside for a while. Add the puree of roasted bell pepper to the vegetable stock. Reduce it to a consistency. Arrange mash potatoes and grilled vegetables in a plate and place prawns around it. Pour the sauce over the prawns and serve hot.

Bharat Alagh, Executive Chef at The Hans, may like cooking Mediterranean cuisine, unravelling the intricacies of Italian, Spanish, Mexican and Lebanese, at the hotel. But when it comes to Indian food, the best chef is at home, he says.


Make your own sizzlers November 2, 2009

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