There is life after onions, say expert cooks, chef H.N. Vijayan of Vivanta by Taj-Surya, chef Ashok Kumar of The Residency and caterers Asha Bhaskar and Madhu Wadhwa. They share some tasty recipes that completely ignore the onion

(H.N. Vijayan)

Raw Banana Curry

Raw bananas: 3, boiled

Tamarind: 10gms

Coconut: 1/2 Grated

Roasted red chilli: 8

1 tsp roasted coriander seeds

Jeera: 1/4tsp

2 flakes of garlic

Turmeric: 1/4tsp

For tempering:

Refined oil: 2tbs

Mustard: 1 tsp

Curry leaves: 5 gms

Garlic: 8 flakes

Red chillies: 2

Peel, cut raw bananas into small pieces and boil in water with tamarind and salt. Grind the coconut, coriander seeds, chillies, jeera, garlic and turmeric into a fine paste. Add the ground masala to the boiled raw banana and cook. Pour the tempering over the curry.

Chicken Korma

Refined oil: 60 ml

Cardamom: 2

Cloves: 2

Cinnamon: 1

Curry Leaves: 3 gms

Grated bottle gourd: 1 cup

Grated red pumpkin: 1 cup

Turmeric: ½ tsp

Tomato puree: 1 cup

Red chilli powder: 1 tsp

Coriander powder: 2 tsp

Jeera powder: 1 tsp

Chicken pieces: 500 gms

Water: As required

Salt: To taste

Chopped coriander to garnish

Heat oil, add cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and curry leaves and sauté. Add grated bottle gourd, grated red pumpkin and cook well till mushy. Add the tomato puree, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, jeera powder and cook well. Add the chicken pieces and required water. Cook till done. Add salt and serve hot, garnished with chopped coriander.

NOTE: Coconut paste (1cup) can be added to make the korma richer

(Asha Bhaskar)

Cauliflower subzi

Cauliflower: 1 Kg

Ginger: 50 gms (more if you like)

Tomatoes: half kg sliced

Turmeric: 1/4 tsp

Salt to taste

Chilli powder: 1/2 tsp

Oil: 2 tbs


Method: Heat 2 tbs of oil, add the julienned ginger and haldi. Add tomatoes and cook till they are soft and mushy. Add the cauliflower and salt. Cover and cook for 10 minutes. Add chilli powder. Cover and cook till the vegetable is completely cooked. Remove the lid and cook for the last couple of minutes. Garnish with chopped coriander.

Gravy: (Makhni gravy for Jains)

Tomato: 1/2 Kg

Half inch piece of Cinnamon

Cloves: 2

Green cardamom: 1

Red chillies: 5

Cashew nut: 50 gms

1” piece of ginger

Oil: 1 tbs

Take a little oil, sauté all the ingredients together. Grind together into paste and keep aside (NO water to be added). This forms a basic makhni gravy without the onion and garlic. It can be used as the base for any vegetable/paneer or even eggs.

Parboil 1/4 Kg cauliflower, a handful of peas and a chopped carrot. You could also use boiled potatoes/ paneer or eggs. Saute these vegetables in a tablespoon of ghee, and chopped capsicum. Set aside. To season, add half teaspoon of kasuri methi and a quarter teaspoon of Kashmiri mirchi to hot oil. Add the paste and after a minute add half a litre of milk and bring to boil. Finally add the vegetables.

Madhu Wadhwa

Baingan Ka Saalan

Small brinjal: 1/2kg

Peanuts: 1/4cup

Coconut (roasted): 1/4cup

Grated ginger: 3 tbs

Sesame seeds (lightly roasted): 1 tbs

A pinch of asafoetida: ½

Beaten curd: ½ cup

Turmeric: 1 teaspoon

Jeera powder

Coriander powder: 1 tsp

Extract of marble sized ball of tamarind

½ tsp garam masala

Oil: 5 tablespoons

Salt to taste

Heat oil, add asafoetida. Sauté the brinjals, keep aside. Make a paste out of the roasted peanuts, coconut, sesame seeds and ginger. Cook the paste till the oil separates. Add turmeric, jeera and dhania powder to the curd along with salt and mix well. Add curd mix to the saalan and cook for 3-4 minutes. Add the fried brinjals and cook covered for 5 minutes. Add tamarind extract and garam masala. Add water to adjust gravy to required consistency. Simmer for 10 minutes and serve hot.

Pudine Wala Garam Aloo Ka Chaat

Baby potatoes, boiled & peeled: 250 grams

Oil: 6 tablespoons

Cashew nuts: 50 grams

1 bunch mint leaves

Green chillies: 10

Thick yoghurt: 6 tablespoons

Small piece ginger

Black salt: 1 tsp

Cumin powder: 2 tsp

Chaat masala: 2 tsp

Salt to taste, juice of 2 lemons


Chaat masala to taste

Mint leaves chopped: 1 tbs

Green chillies: 8-10 slit length wise

Heat the oil in a non-stick pan. Add the baby potatoes & stir fry on low heat till the potatoes change colour & become a little crisp on the. Grind the cashew nuts, mint leaves, green chillies, yoghurt, ginger & black salt to a paste. Add the chutney and dry masalas (cumin powder, chaat masala and salt) to the fried potatoes and stir for 2-3 minutes till the potatoes are nicely coated. Add lime juice to it. Serve hot, garnished with chaat masala, mint leaves and green chillies.

(Chef Ashok)


Carrot – 50 gms

Beans - 50 gms

Cauliflower – 50 gms

Green chilli - 10 gms

Ginger - 10 gms

Coconut paste – 40 gms

Cashewnut paste – 20 gms

Khus khus paste – 10 gms

Garam masala whole – 10 gms

Oil - 40 mls

Coriander leaves – 5 gms

Turmeric powder – 2 gms

Jeera Whole – 2 gms


Prepare the vegetable. Make a paste of coconut, cashewnut, khuskhus.

Heat oil, add garam masala. Then add jeera, green chilly.

Add Ginger. Add the boiled vegetable and turmeric powder.

Add the rest of the paste. Allow to simmer.

Finish with chopped coriander leaves.


Chicken curry cut – 200 gms

Garam masala – 10 gms

Potato peeled – 70 gms

Saunf – 10 gms

Coconut milk – 80 ml

Tamarind pulp – 30 ml

Turmeric powder – 3 gms

Green chilli – 5 gms

Pepper powder – 2 gms

Oil – 20 ml

Ginger – 5 gms


Heat oil, add ginger, green chilly, garam masala.

Add potato, masala powder and chicken.

Let the chicken cook.

Add coconut paste. Once gravy is ready, finish with tamarind pulp.