Eating out Indian food meets global cuisine in vegetarian restaurant Entrée’s menu

According to a friend, mall walking is a fine form of workout. So we drive to Express Mall to shed a few calories but by the end of the hour-long walk the only thing that feels lighter is our wallet. Well, never mind, at least we have a new pair of shoes to be happy about. So much for working out, we finally give in to our hunger pangs and head to Entrée, the restaurant at the mall’s E Hotel.

Bright lights, high ceiling and a fuchsia couch bathed in a pink glow greet you at the lobby which gradually opens into the restaurant. We slump into the green and white seats and opt for the ala carte menu that features global cuisine, even though a fairly decent buffet spread occupies one end of the room. We unanimously decide on the Camembert cheese soufflé but the waiter apologetically informs that it has been removed from the menu because it contains egg. That’s when we realise Entrée is a pure vegetarian restaurant.

Corn and kefir spring roll, hariyali tikki and a mushroom soup to begin with. The piping hot soup feels like a perfect choice on that rainy evening although it’s a tad salty. The crispy rolls with juicy kernels of corn and a delicate hint of kefir lime is refreshing. And the bite-sized hariyali tikki with its interesting mix of flavours makes it difficult to decipher what’s gone into it — apparently it’s a blend of mashed spinach and black gram lentils.

The first main course that arrives disappoints. The quesadillas taste more like chapatti with beansand feels like a movie with a half-baked plot …unfortunately there is no trace of the chipotle as the description on the menu suggests. We also try gatte ka pulao, a generous serving of fluffy yellow rice with a mild flavour of coriander and pudgy chunks of gatta made of besan. It’s light on the palate and works as a comfort food. The paneer aur makai lababdar served with a portion of soft butter naan however plays the redeemer. Cubes of soft paneer and corn in a rich creamy gravy of onion and tomato, simply lip-smacking. Unsatisfied, we hope to seek refuge in the desserts and unanimously decide on the gulab patti rabri and mascarpone cream roll. But the waiter once again remorsefully announces “Not available ma’am.” Left without a choice, we go for the brownie and tiramisu. The brownie is dry and even pairing it with the ice cream doesn’t do much for its image. The tiramisu ensconced within a miniscule cup is definitely not worth the money, neither the taste nor the quantity justifies it.

Entrée is located at the ground floor of Express Avenue Mall. Ph: 28463333