A surefire favourite sweet

This recipe is a regular at all family gatherings and special occasions, prepared lovingly by my grandmother.

What you need (Serves):

Boiled rice and raw rice: One cup each

Urad dal: 250gm

Fenugreek: 10 gm

Freshly grated coconut: One cup

Cardamom powder: Four Tsp

Cashew and dry fruits: Five grams each

Salt: To taste

Cooking Instructions:

Soak boiled and raw rice, urad dal and fenugreek seeds for six to eight hours. Grind it finely, add salt and ferment for five to eight hours. Best done overnight.

Take fresh coconut in a heat resistant vessel, pour one cup hot water and stir well. Place a sieve or strainer lined with double layer of cheesecloth over a bowl. Empty soaked coconut along with water into the strainer. Lift cloth, pull edges together and squeeze out coconut milk. Mix cardamom powder, cashew and dry fruits to the coconut milk and set aside.

Take a paniyaram pan and add some oil in all holes. Pour a ladle full of fermented batter in each hole and close with lid. Cook for five minutes and turn paniyarams over using a spoon or paniyaram stick. Repeat for remaining batches. Now douse paniyarams in coconut milk for five minutes. Serve hot.

Brinda, an airline ground handling staff, loves trying out recipes in her leisure. With a fascination for the past, she gathers tidbits about history and heritage. She also collects coins and stamps.

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