Try this natural thirst quencher when mercury levels soar

What you need: (Serves 4)

Palm fruits: 10

Milk: Half litre

Rose water: Half Tsp

Cardamom powder: Quarter Tsp

Pomegranate seeds: One Tbsp (optional)

Rose petals (optional)

Sugar or honey: To taste

Cooking instructions:

Boil milk along with cardamom powder and let it cool down completely. Peel the palm fruit. Blend five fruits in a mixer and chop the remaining. Add the pureed and chopped palm fruit, rose water and sugar or honey to the cooled milk and mix well until sugar dissolves. Pour the milk in a container and refrigerate for three to four hours. Add some ice cubes just before serving. Top it up with pomegranate seeds and rose petals.

Food blogger Ayeesha Riaz is a homemaker constantly on the lookout for recipes from different cuisines, but believes the best are those made from fresh home-made products. A native of Tuticorin, she shares her creations accompanied with vivid photographs on her blog, This palm fruit drink is my husband’s grandmother’s recipe which I learnt from my mother- in –law, a resident of Tiruchi.

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