Rhino in Gurgaon serves some interesting international dishes

This piece of news is for the lover of good times who are living in and around Gurgaon. Rhino, at the top floor of the South Point Mall overlooking the swanky neighbourhood of the Golf Course Road, is the newest place to be. As the name suggests, Rhino is big and solid. It has a large area for live concerts along with good comfortable seating arrangements for fine dining, a combination hard to find in a club. If you are not a music lover and want to enjoy your food in solace, you have the option of sitting on its open terrace and enjoy the weather nibbling on some good food.

When I visited Rhino, Chef Prem Nath prepared some lip-smacking dishes from across the world for me. I would say, he is a master in his art. He served me orange infused grilled prawns first. Prawns were juicy and flavoured with some orange and garlic mixture and grilled with a pinch of asparagus. Anybody who likes prawns and is at Rhino, just go for it and enjoy the tanginess of orange blended in to the prawns.

Next came for me my favourite sea animal, the salmon. Chef Nath’s salmon steak was marinated with pepper and served with summer greens. The platter looked beautiful too. A combination of black pepper grilled and layered on top of the salmon steak was super. I particularly enjoyed the rough grains of pepper with the smooth texture of salmon.

Having got only two options in kababs — katari and Moroccan, I went for the latter one, after all, a Moroccan kabab sounds better! They were minced lamb patties, seasoned well with all spice and other typical Moroccan spices.

The grilled lamb chops, the Chef told me, are his speciality. So next on my table landed grilled lamb chops, placed on top of garlic infused mashed potato. I enjoyed pretty much biting the lamb portion by holding the chops in my hand.

Along with the a la carte menu, the burgers at Rhino needs a mention. They are huge, can suffice for a meal. To give you an idea, the minced chicken patty placed in between my burger would not weigh less than 300 grams. It also serves pastas and sandwiches along with a range of Indian dishes.

In desserts, it has a variety of cheese cakes which comes in an “international cheese platter” with five variations.

Meal for two at Rhino: Rs.2000 approximately

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