Sometimes, the world’s nooks and corners can hide in a plateful of food; it’s aroma and taste can summon images of distant lands, and you can find yourself on a culinary journey spanning countries and continents, all because of the food in front of you.

It’s not a very different world from the one we read about in history books, where Indian spices would make their way across the world, introducing strangers to our country and its rich flavours. Today, travel has become crucial to a chef’s professional journey, and the idea of bringing and incorporating new, exciting, and previously unknown flavours to the Indian palate has emerged as a game changer. Each trip uncovers new ideas, flavours and combinations, prompting experiments and risks that transform the plate which finally makes its way to the table.

This trend is certainly one that elevates Indian food to a new and more evolved level. It’s no longer enough to stick to the tried and tested dishes from home, and a little mix and match can change a dining experience from just good to both special and unique.

And it is in order to take diners on that journey that chefs today are beginning to understand the importance of travel as an investment. Varying food practices and experiences from both within and outside India are making their way into menus and food festivals in leading restaurants, and our culinary world is fast expanding.


Chillies, cheese and curiosityJune 13, 2014

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