The ongoing Jashn-e-Lahore festival at Pind Balluchi Grills & Platters has some enticing fare

Somehow, food from across the border or from the undivided Punjab, has always been close to my heart, simply for the great taste they have. Be it Lahore or Amritsar, the culture is quite the same. And it gets reflected pretty well in the cuisine.

Representing the cuisine in Delhi for some time now is Pind Balluchi, a chain which works to bring out the best dishes from the region. The ongoing Jashn-e-Lahore food festival at Pind Balluchi Grills & Platters at Greater Kailash Part I is a step towards the same. A menu has been made with specialties from Lahore, Multan and Amritsar as well.

On entering the restaurant, the first thing I notice is the appropriate milieu created. Like the staff wearing Pathani suits, small hand fans hanging from the wall and a nagada at the entrance. An attempt at creating a feel of a Punjabi village.

The festival food is being served as a buffet. Its newly appointed Chef Brijesh has kept the buffet simple. He has six starters each in vegetarian and non-vegetarian category and four main course dishes. At the first glance, the food looks good and smells even better. I start with kharode ka shorba, a soup which I usually prefer in winters but getting it once in a while off season is not at all a bad idea. The soup is tasty and well seasoned.

After the soup begins the time for starters. The Amritsari macchi, I must say, is one of the best here. Perfect, light, succulent bursting with the flavour of ajwain. The murg tikka is fine too but loses out in the race with the Amritsari macchi.

However, the mutton burra, I find, to be a bit of a disaster, it is undercooked. In vegetarian options, the dahi papad ki tikki is just amazing. The papad coating gives a very nice binding and crust to the tikki. The Lahori kumbh is also worth a try.

The main course has the option of nahari gosht, one of my favourites, besides some chicken dishes. The nahari is not perfect though. Cooked in home-style, it is light. The Amritsari dal makhni is really good and tastes better with a missi roti. .

A diner has quite a few options at the restaurant in desserts. I try out the desi ghee moong daal halwa and also a bit of the kheer. They are one of the best I have tasted recently.

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