FOOD STATION: The layered beauty is a homage to painstaking effort

Chocolate and orange marquise is the faultless finale to a seven-course meal. It demands patience and time, but the result is a work of art. Each layer promises surprise here as a chocolate sponge base gets a dose of chocolate mousse and then a dash of the irresistible orange brulee. In the end, what awaits you is a mound of perfection.

Chocolate and orange marquise

For chocolate sponge

57 gms egg yolks

48 gms sugar

19 gms cocoa powder

27 gms flour cake

19 gms butter

55 gms egg whites

11 gms sugar

Whisk egg yolks and sugar fluffy. Whisk egg whites and sugar to soft peaks. Mix one-third of the meringue in the egg mixture. Fold in the sieved powders and the melted butter. Add the rest of the meringue carefully. Spread in flexipat and bake for 10 minutes at 200ºC. Allow to cool, then cut out rings and cut thin slices (30 gms).

For the crunchy base

360 gms paillete feuilletine

540 gms praline paste

60 gms soft butter

120 gms milk couverture

Melt the couverture and the praline. Combine all the ingredients.

For chocolate mousse

420 gms dark couverture (53 per cent)

320 gms milk couverture

740 gms liquid cream

640 gms whipped cream

Boil the cream and pour over the grated couverture. Emulsify well. Allow to cool slightly, then fold in the whipped cream.

For orange brulee

500 gms cream

350 gms milk

250 gms egg yolks

150 gms sugar

10 gms grated orange zests

Beat sugar and egg yolks creamy. Combine with the milk, cream and zests. Pour in containers and bake at 100ºC. Cool and freeze.

Assembly and decoration

Place a 30-gm layer of sponge on the bottom of the cake ring. Cover with a thin layer of feuilletine and allow to set. Pipe a layer of chocolate mousse. Let is settle. Place the frozen brulee, then cover with mousse to the rim of the mould. Freeze.

De-mould and spray completely with milk mixture. Decorate with a flamed orange chunk, orange macarons around.

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