A sorbet with a few sprigs of thyme to enhance its flavour

Thyme is a herb that has medicinal and culinary uses. This herb was first grown and used in the Mediterranean region. It is a member of the mint family.

Thyme contains 25-45 per cent of an essential oil called thymol or oil of thyme. It has strong antimicrobial attributes. It is used to treat common skin problems, yeast infections, protection from bacterial infections and control high blood pressure.

Some studies show that an extract of thyme may also protect against colon cancer and breast cancer. Thyme contains a variety of flavonoids which increase its antioxidant capacity.

Research shows that washing of leafy salad vegetables with water containing 1 per cent of thymol considerably reduces the content of shigella bacteria on the lettuce, which means that adding thyme to salads not only enhances the flavour but also makes it safer to eat.

Now, here is a simple recipe.

Thyme Berry Sorbet


Fresh strawberries: 500 gm

Sugar: 150 gm

Lemon: 1

Salt: A pinch

Fresh thyme: 15 sprigs (30-35 grams)

Water: 60 ml

Method: Rinse and clean the strawberries. Remove the leaves and slice it into quarters. Place it in a bowl. Add half of the sugar, a pinch of salt, and the juice of a lemon. Let it rest in the refrigerator.

In the meantime, place the rest of the sugar, thyme sprigs and water in a pan. Place this on a burner, and heat it gently for 5 minutes without allowing it to boil. Slightly cool this liquid and pour it on the strawberries. Let it stay in the refrigerator for an hour. Then blend this mix to a fine puree. Strain and churn the mix in an ice-cream maker.

Executive Chef, Taj Coromandel