The dosa festival at Canopy is a ‘filling' experience

Nobody messes with a dosa, particularly a masala dosa. Mmmasala dosa and piping hot coffee…that ultimate fantasy of the average Indian foodie. But if none messed around, there wouldn't be innovation and if there was no innovation there wouldn't be Aloo-mutter dosa or Egg Masala dosa or a Capsicum-mushroom dosa at the ‘Dosa Fest' at Canopy.

The thing about innovating is that only two things can happen…you are bang on target or you just keep quiet about it. The dosas and, yes, uthappams too were a change from the usual masala dosa experience (‘you are the best').

Although there aren't a hundred types of dosas and uthappams, what is available is bound to confuse you because each sounds appetising. Therefore there are dosas with fillings such as Travancore chicken (Rs. 80), prawn sandwich (Rs. 95), Kuttanadan prawn (Rs. 95), Makhan paneer (Rs. 75), egg masala (Rs. 75) etc. Then there are combos wherein one can opt for any type of dosa or uthappam with dishes such as Malabari veg korma (Rs. 120) or naadan mutton curry (Rs. 150) etc.

The fillings may not score high on the exotic quotient, but they high on the ‘palatability' quotient. By the way there are uthappams with toppings such as cheese masala (Rs. 65), gobi masala (Rs. 65), tomato and cheese (Rs. 65), Prawn masala (Rs. 95), beef kheema (Rs. 95) etc.

After much careful consideration we decide upon tomato cheese uthappam and gobi masala dosa. They arrive, after the mandatory wait of course, and as they say ‘lip smackin'. The only thing missing? The rain. It was a perfect setting to watch the rain. First the tomato and cheese uthappam, essentially ‘conti' as the combo tends to be, only that this one is strictly for those who want to go easy on the spice factor. Then there was the chatpat masala dosa – crispy and tasty as a dosa with a filling ought to be. And what a satisfying end to a filling meal with a cup of warm coffee (would've loved it more if it was hot coffee). That was it. End of meal, thankfully no dessert dosas or ‘paan' dosas for that matter.

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