July 18 being National Ice Cream Day, try some of these recipes at home!

Banana sundae dream


Banana (split lengthwise) 01 no.

Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream scoop one each

Chocolate syrup 10 ml

Marshmallow cubes 10 gm

Strawberry syrup 10 ml

Whipped cream 05 gm

Chopped nuts (almonds, pista, cashew) 10 gm

Cherries for garnish


Place the banana slices along the sides of a long, narrow, shallow dish. Place scoops of ice cream in a row on top of the banana slices. Squirt chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream and strawberry on top of the strawberry ice cream. Arrange marshmallow cubes over the ice cream scoops. Top it with whipped cream and garnish it with a fresh mint and cherry. Sprinkle nuts; sit back and enjoy.


Chit Chat Special


Strawberry ice cream

Vanilla Chit Chat's


Tutti frooti

Fresh Fruits Fresh Cream



Add the ingredients one scoop after the other layering it with fruits and fresh cream. Top it with the tutti frooti and a dollop of cream with a cherry


Turtle Sundae


Vanilla Icecream-2 scoops

Brownie - 2 pieces

Hersheys Chocolate sauce - 2 spoons

Fresh Cream Nuts

Chocolate flake


Add a scoop of Chit Chat Vanilla Icecream into a Glass. Pour one spoon Hershey's chocolate sauce and break one brownie into that. Repeat another Layer with Chit Chats Vanilla and the rest. Add chocolate Sauce on top and the fresh cream and nuts and garnish with some chocolate flake


Hot and cold Berry sundae


Butter 2o gm

Sponge cake slice 50 gm

Lime juice two ml

Mixed berries 50 gm

Honey 15 ml

Whipped cream 15 gm

Vanilla ice cream two scoop

Chocolate cigar sticks two no.


Melt 10 Gm of butter in a non-stick pan on over medium heat and cook the sponge cake slices, turning once, three minutes, until golden brown. Place on a dessert plates. Add the remaining butter, honey and lime in the same pan and bring it to a boil and simmer for three minutes. Add berries and stir. Remove it from the heat. Place the two Scoops of Ice Cream onto each piece of cake, and garnish it with berries. Also add mint leaves and Chocolate cigar sticks and serve immediately.

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