The perfect side dish with hot rice

Katharikkai pachadi is made from brinjal, curd and spices. It is garnished with coriander and mint. I learnt this dish from my grandmother. This dish is easy to make and delicious when served with hot sambar rice or biryani.

What you need

Brinjal, big- 2

Curd -1 cup

Green chilli - 1

Salt - to taste

Black gram - 1tbsp

Mustard -1tbsp

Oil -1 tsp

Coriander leaves

Cooking instructions

Wash the brinjal and wipe it with a cloth. Apply some oil over the brinjal and roast it on a low flame until the skin shrinks and become soft. Allow to cool. Using a little water peel off the skin completely. Add some salt and mash well. Add curd and mix well. Keep aside. In a small pan pour oil. Add mustard, black gram, and chopped green chilli. Mix it with the mashed brinjal. Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve with hot rice.

M. Usha is a homemaker who loves to try out different Indian dishes.