An evening snack with the goodness of millet

Kambu karaadai is an easy-to-make, tasty and nutritious snack. I learnt this recipe from my grandmother and a variation of it from my mother-in-law. It tastes best when served with spicy onion chutney.

What you need

Pearl millet (Kambu flour) -1 cup

Wheat flour - 1 cup

Drumstick leaves, chopped fine -1cup

Onions, chopped fine - 3 or 4

Salt to taste

Chilli powder - 1tsp

Cooking oil - a little

Cooking instructions

Mix the chopped onions, drumstick leaves, salt and chilli powder with the kambu and wheat flour and knead into a tight dough. If necessary add a little water. Pat into rounds. Cook one at a time on a tava (medium flame) with a little oil flipping constantly. A sweet variation can be made substituting palm jaggery and cardamom powder for the onion, drumstick leaves, salt and chilly powder.

K. Vasantha is a homemaker who loves to cook.