An easy to make sweet dish

Jeera boli is a traditional sweet dish that I learnt from my grandmother.

What you need

Maida - 250gm

Sugar – 500gm

Butter – 50gm

Saffron powder - a pinch

Water - 600ml

Oil for deep frying - 300ml

Cardamom - 5

Cooking instructions

Mix maida, saffron powder and butter. Add a little water and make dough.

Make small chappati-like balls and set aside for two hours.

Roll out the balls and press them to a round shape and fold them into halves.

Deep fry them one by one in oil till they turn golden brown.

For jeera, add water to sugar in a pan and heat till it forms a two-string consistency. Add cardamom.

Now dip the deep fried bolis one by one in jeera and remove after two minutes.

Meera Murali is a home maker who loves cooking traditional dishes.