Dal ke Ladoo is a traditional Rajasthani home-made sweet dish normally consumed during winter. My grandmother from whom I learnt this recipe considered it good for health.

What you need

Split green gram (Moogar dal)- 500 gm

Sugar, powdered - 500 gm

Almonds, partly ground - 250 gm

Cardamom - 10 gm

Saffron - 1 gm

Ghee - 250 gm

Cooking instructions

Soak the moogar dal for two to three hours. Grind into fine paste without adding water.

Take a pan and add 50 gm of ghee, when it melts add the ground paste.

Sauté the paste for about 30 minutes till it turns light brown in colour. Keep adding ghee at intervals to ensure the paste doesn't stick to the pan.

Keep aside the mixture for an hour and let it cool.

Add the sugar, almonds, cardamom and saffron to it. Mix well.

Shape small balls from the mixture.

Manjula Bagmar is a homemaker who's interests lie in cooking and interior decoration. She is also an avid collector of antiques.

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