This dish is one of my childhood favourites. It is definitely one of my grandmother’s signature dishes.


For filling

Sesame: 250 gm

Sugar: 500 gm

Dried coconut (copra): 1 cup

Cashewnuts: 50 gm (chopped)

Urud dhal (split, roast and powdered): 25gm

Cardamom (powdered): 5

Salt: half tsp

Ghee: 1tbsp

Gingely oil: 2 tbsp

Refined oil: for frying

Water: 300 ml

Method (for filling)

Wash and the sesame and drain the water and spread it on a cloth to dry. Then, roast it and powder well. Powder the sugar, cardamom and scrape the copra. Mix with sesame and cashewnuts and keep aside.

Method (outer covering)

Soak raw rice and powder it well, sieve and roast till the water evaporates. Boil water with salt and ghee and add the rice powder. Stir well, avoiding lumps and keep aside in a vessel, covering it with a wet cloth. After it has cooled, add the roasted urad dhal powder and knead well. Smear palm and fingers with gingely oil, take a small amount of the dough (lemon size), make a dent and place the filling. Press it gently and cover the cup into a boat shape, cover the edges and gently close it. Fry till golden brown. Place those in a vessel with tissue papers to drain off excess oil.

Tip: Using a samosa maker will enhance the shape and appearance of the karichikkai.

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