A healthy twist to everyday tiffin

My grandmother used to prepare this often when I was a kid. It is a healthy substitute for rice at supper time.

What you need:

Kambu (millet): one cup

Raw Rice: quarter cup

Black gram: quarter cup

Fenugreek: one spoon

Salt: to taste

Gingelly oil

Cooking Instructions:

Wash kambu, raw rice, fenugreek and black gram. Mix together and soak overnight. Grind well for a smooth batter in the morning. After three hours, heat oil in a tawa and spread batter thinly like regular dosa. Chopped onions and green chillies can be added to the batter if required. Serve hot off the stove with spicy chutney. Repeat procedure with ragi, corn and other grains in similar measure as kambu for wholesome grain dosas.

Suganthi Ravikumar is a home maker who specialises in ‘gramiya samaiyal’ or village food. Gardening is her other favourite pastime.