Neha Dev and Parul Dattani share the secret ingredient to their theplas

When in doubt, eat a thepla. For those of you who don’t know what a thepla is, it’s spiced unleavened bread. For cousins Neha and Parul Dattani, theplas are not merely bread, it is a part of their dream come true.

A passion for food aside, a random conversation on food made them realise that Gujarati food in Hyderabad, though widely available, is lacking in quality. “We decided to make organic theplas and provide home-made and healthy food,” says Neha.

The duo subsequently started a food boutique, Poshtique specialising in theplas. They have over eight varieties of theplas in combination with different vegetables like methi with garlic, corn, louki (bottle gourd) and carrot and mint, spinach, cabbage and radish.

Poshtique Neha claims that the USP of Poshtique is that all the cooking is done under supervision and cleanliness given topmost priority. “Even I cook and it’s completely home-made, so there is no fear of using ‘bad oil’,” she says. Neha and Parul are Gujaratis who have lived in Hyderabad long enough to call themselves “more than Hyderabadi.”

The theplas are packaged along with a pickle. Neha says that they also offer five varieties of parathas, including aloo, peas and paneer. Be sure to try their authentic puran-poli as well. The duo is hoping to open a live café soon.

Order a meal

Poshtique has two pick-up points in Banjara Hills and Somajiguda. They take orders one day in advance. Key into Poshtique,

Contact: 918008999314 (Neha Dev), +9399988033 (Parul Dattani). October onwards, they will have a variety of South Indian theplas as well.

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