The Food Mill offers a taste of the North East

One thing common among food enthusiasts is that they all aspire to have their own eatery at some point in their lives — or a place full of only the things they love to eat. However, only the lucky few end up with it. Hubert Shilshi, Managing Director of The Food Mill, is one such man. The Food Mill, a multi-cuisine restaurant, is the latest addition to the illustrious Hauz Khaz Village. Hubert, a very modest and simple human with big dreams, hails from a small town in Manipur. He says he always wanted to break the stereotype of people from the North East selling momos or chow mein from a thela. Why can’t they have a good multi-cuisine eatery too?

The Food Mill is a nice casual place to chill out with friends. Hubert, who doesn’t believe too much in presentation, wants the food at The Food Mill to be served in good quality as well as quantity. Apart from managing the restaurant, Hubert is also the Head Chef and has trained other chefs in the restaurant, besides creating some innovative dishes to which he imparts his North Eastern touch.

I started with the soup of the day which was a nice creamy mushroom corn soup. It was served piping hot and well seasoned — just the thing when the chilly winds are blowing. Among the starters there were a couple of nice options. Chicken wings with barbeque sauce was juicy but the one I really liked was the chicken satay, a very different preparation served with the mint chutney and tomato salsa and not with the regular peanut sauce. The pan fried prawns were a bit over cooked and hence chewy. Hubert asked me to try their pizzas, and I wasted no time in complying with his suggestion. It turned out to be a yummy pizza with the perfect crispiness and a good topping of cheese. Supreme of chicken was a delicacy for which I will visit again —a really good cheese stuffed chicken breast. Tenderloin steak made with the expertise of Hubert was excellent: Juicy and with the perfect seasoning.

Another section, the Fusion menu, is also worth trying with food served as platters. Don’t forget to try the tenderloin gravy with a portion of steamed rice and grilled veggies. But the burgers make The Food Mill the next burger destination. The feel of nice creamy cheese filled chicken or tenderloin patties is just divine.

A meal for two costs Rs. 1500 approximately


Quick fix: Supreme grill chicken in white sauceDecember 27, 2012