The grill and roast fest at Okra has more than one surprise waiting for you

Listen to the sound, take in the aroma and tell yourself, ‘get ready to feast?' The Grill and Roast fest at Okra, at The Marriott is an occasion to celebrate life.

As you sit waiting in anticipation for the chef to come and prepare your salad at the table, sprays of mist cools you down. The chef appears with a salad bowl (after enquiring about your preference) Greek lettuce, mayo, tomato slices and lots of olives.

As he breaks the leaves the chef ensures the guest listens to the sound of the crunchy leaves. He then adds the mayo (again according to your preference) and then finishes it with lots of olives and tomato slices.

If the greek salad is not your ‘type' try the Caesar salad.

Once done, take a break and go through the food display to decide the main course. The diners get the best taste of grill and roast and the chef will not serve food that is on display. The display serves as a ‘demonstrating live' menu. Until your main course reaches your table one can snack with a bowl of sea food soup. Having this soup none will regret the decision. The other choice lies in trying a bowl of Crayfish bisque (Soup).

The fest gives diners the option to choose between a wide choice of fishes and a variety of red and white meats. The choice of food will be served with a choice of grilled vegetables, french fries, mashed potato or spaghetti.

Vegetarians have no great choice but what ever is served will really make you wonder at the imagination of the chef.

Ever thought of grilled raddish? Or a grilled zucchini and carrots? The chef's experiments with vegetables pays off as they are worth a try.

The veg grill options has choices like mushroom, zucchini, baby corn, bell peppers, raddish and carrot and comes with a helping of spaghetti.

Non-veg eaters can have a gala time choosing between pork and lamb chops, roast tenderloin, roasted duck, grilled salmon and roasted chicken.

The chef recommends their lamb and pork chops. The dish looks appetizing and comes with a vegetable and barbecue sauce dressing.

The duck and chicken roast are special, and to keep the taste and flavour of the meat intact the pieces are roasted with the skin. The herbs and the spices used are whole or semi grounded and adds that extra flavour with each bite. The non veg platters in itself makes for a wholesome meal.

For fish lovers the choice is as wide as meat lovers. A must try are the chilli prawns. With each bite one can only crave for more.

Finally for the biggest surprise. This chocolaty, hard yet gooey, delight lets you bite and lick as well.

The grill and roast fest ends on June 13.

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