Duck breast: 2 nos

Mix herbs: 10 gm

Worcestershire sauce: 2 ml

Dijon mustard : 1 gm

Salt & crushed pepper : 2 gm

Garlic paste : 1 gm

Olive oil : 5 ml

Garlic chop : 10 gm

Chop onion : 2gm

Chop bacon: 10 gm

Fresh cream: 50 ml

Sliced Potatoes : 100 gm

Parmesan cheese: 50 gm

Basil leaves : 10 gm

Basil pesto : 3 gm


Marinate the duck breast with Dijon mustard, salt, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, herb, olive oil and garlic paste

Peel, wash, slice the potatoes and put in salted water.

Make a sauce out of butter, garlic, onion, white sauce, herb, bacon and cream.

Arrange the sliced potatoes in small aluminium tray and spread some sauce on top of the potatoes. Keep doing the same until you get thick layers and finally sprinkle some cheese, cover it with aluminium foil and bake it for 20 to 25 minutes in oven.

Make a sauce out of butter, garlic, onion, white sauce, herb, basil pesto and cream.

Grill the duck breast on the hot plate.

Cut the potato preparation with a round cutter once it’s ready, sprinkle some cheese and grate it.

Place the potatoes and the grilled duck breast on a clean plate. Heat creamy pesto sauce and pour it over the grilled duck breast.

Garnish with curly peppers, fresh basil & lavas.

(For Basil pesto: Make a paste out of basil, garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese, pine nuts or cashew nut & garlic.)

Chef Idrees Khanhas a culinary experience of 2 years and worked with Hotel High Way View in Mumbai before joining Heritage Madurai as Commi III. He likes listening music and reading books in free time.

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