Good things don’t come easy. A tad complicated dish but the end result will surely leave you asking for more

Scallop, an expensive but delicious shellfish with a delicate taste, has its dedicated followers and a classic dish this community absolutely adores is pan seared scallops. Experimenting with it, the chef adds to it the carrot orange mash which complements the natural sweetness of the scallops.

Pan seared scallops with orange carrot mash and beurre blanc


Scallops – 16 no.

Crushed Black Pepper – ½ tsp

Salt to taste

Parsley Chopped - 1 tsp

Clarified Butter - 2 tbs

Carrots (medium-sized) - 3 no

Orange juice- 1 cup

Butter- 2 tbs

Salt to taste

Cream fresh - ½ cup

Dry white wine - ½ cup

White wine vinegar - ¼ cup

Shallots - 1 tbs, finely chopped

Butter (Unsalted) - 250 gm

Salt to taste

Baby carrots - 1 bunch

Asparagus- 1 bunch

Orange segments - ½ cup

Mesclun mix - ½ cup (mixture of fresh lettuce & herbs)


To prepare orange carrot mash, peel the carrots and cut into small pieces.

In a heavy bottom pan, cook the carrots with the butter and salt until completely soft.

Add in the orange juice and stir. Remove from fire and after cooling a bit add in the cream and make a fine puree in a food processor.

Leave aside.

Peel the baby carrots. Blanch in hot water and keep. Blanch the asparagus spears and keep.

Prepare the scallops by removing any excess cartilaginous parts. It is optional to score with a knife.

To prepare the sauce, add in the shallots with the white wine and wine vinegar in a heavy bottom pan. Bring to a boil and then slowly reduce over low flame.

Cut the butter into small cubes and keep chilled. Once the reduction is about two tablespoons start adding the butter cubes, one at a time while stirring continuously over very low flame to form an emulsion. After three quarters of the butter is done, remove from fire and add in the rest of the butter. Keep warm.

Season the raw scallops with salt, pepper and parsley. Heat another pan and sear the scallops with butter taking care not to overcook it.

To serve, heat up the mash and toss the blanched asparagus and baby carrots in a teaspoon of butter.

Check seasoning and serve the scallops with the mash, topped with the butter tossed vegetables, orange segments and mesclun.

Drizzle the sauce on top.

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