Something’s Cooking introduces you to a delectable world of culinary arts through short-term classes and fun activities

Eating out is no longer simply about fabulous food and amazing ambience. It is now also about discovering a whole new experience that cooking can add to your life. Leaving the boardroom behind, preppy ex-executive Satish Venkatachaliah has been trying to give you just that with his swanky culinary studio near Koramangala’s 80 Feet Road. His Something’s Cooking tastefully introduces you to a delectable world of culinary arts through short-term cookery classes and fun activities.

Hot topic

With the recent barrage of Master Chef-styled shows crowding the scene, cooking has transformed this ordinary home chore to become a hot topic. Wannabe chefs from around the country are now taking to their kitchens like never before to create palatable delights just like those on their favourite telly shows. “There is a paradigm shift in the culinary space. Reality shows based on food and cooking have generated great enthusiasm among viewers. People are drawn to such shows because they want to recreate the same dishes in the comfort of their homes. With that in mind, we have set up a space that provides a comfortable and participatory environment for a truly world-class experience,” says Venkatachaliah.

While cashing in on this popular wave, Venkatachaliah has also hit upon another goal. With a human resources background, he feels cooking can be leveraged as a learning and development tool or a platform for team-building exercises.

He recognises the various facets of team work that come into play while making food and the potential of using the process to promote communication and team building among people with diverse interests. He explains that the coming together for dishing out delicacies prods participants to step out of their comfort zones and interact with one another.

Envisioning Something’s Cooking as a studio where cookery can used by organisations to impact learning and development of employees, he says “It’s important for people to work together as a team to create something nice… similarly, for creating food, people must join hands... my kitchen, where the atmosphere is abuzz with activity, provides a certain kind of openness for communication to take place... and what better way to mingle than in the company of great food.” And thus, visitors to the studio create their own masterpieces with not just the assistance of the expert teams of chefs but also their teammates.

Venkatachaliah got his first taste of gourmet cooking while on a business trip to Germany. It was love at first bite. After a few such experiences, this MBA graduate from the University of Chicago sought to bring the same to India, albeit with a twist. An avid rock climber, he is today the founder or Head of the Table, as he likes to call himself, at the state-of-the-art experiential culinary design studio. One look at the company’s website and you know its vision: delicious cuisines and human bonding.

From creating memorable moments to serving up extraordinary food and experiences, Something’s Cooking is steeped in fun and creativity. He recalls the exciting moments while trying to choose a name for his unique experiment. “I was brainstorming with a friend for a name when Something’s Cooking cropped up in one of her sentences. When I heard the words, I instantly knew what my studio would be called… of course, I will remain eternally grateful to my friend.”

Cutting-edge design

The place strikes you with its stylised interiors and professional setup. The architecture is contemporary and intriguing. The attractive yellow and white colour scheme is supposed to indicate pleasure and interaction. Its quirky kitchen cutlery imparts a young and trendy feel. Take, for instance, the polished fork and spoon displayed on the entrance door.

Another striking feature is the extensive use of cousin logos across the studio. These convey strong expressions through faceless illustrations. It is broadly divided into three sections – kitchen, dining, and breakout areas. Designed to host short-term cookery classes, the kitchen, which can accommodate up to 50 people at a time, sprawls across 3300sqft.

There are eight work islands in the kitchen and each is equipped with utility cabinets, a microwave, and an electric chimney. The islands have been segregated to cater to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooking. “Efficiency and functionality remain our top priorities,” he says.

The fine dining area doubles up as a conference room, while the breakout area boasts adequate seating, a library, and a foot massager for those who have sore feet from all the standing around. A yet-to-be launched retail section is also on offer. Venkatachaliah hopes to begin selling jams, sauces, and other food items soon. With such a spacious place, he sure can feed his dreams.

Treading the road less travelled, Venkatachaliah finds his place among young and forward-thinking entrepreneurs who have successfully cooked up their own recipes for success. To know more about Something’s Cooking, visit www.somethings