Curry Masala 2013 showcased dishes from Mangalore, Gujarat and Madurai

It’s six in the evening, and Kannan from Sulur is busy at work, squeezing out delicate swirls of rice dough onto perforated plastic plates. Thirty minutes later, visitors to Curry Masala 2013, are busy asking for seconds of still-warm idiyappam.

If idiyappam and karandi omelette represented Madurai, kachodis and dhoklas occupied pride of place in the Gujarat stalls. Kori curry and hyagriva middi showcased the diverse culinary tradition of Mangalore. All this at Curry Masala 2013, organised by the Alumni Association of PSG Arts to raise funds for its scholarship programme.

The event, held at PSG Institute of Management, saw over 1,500 guests partake of an elaborate menu that featured over a hundred dishes prepared by cooks who specialise in regional cuisine.

There was music and dance too. The PSG Tech orchestra set the mood for the evening, belting out the latest hits. The tiny tots who danced an energetic dandiya had everyone rooting for them. This was followed by a fashion show put up by the department of costume design and fashion. The students had designed the garments as part of their project work.

But, the real hero of the evening was the food. Hot dosais (plain, egg, mutton), crispy yet soft paniyaarams, roasted chicken, aapams, flavourful palak puris… the list was endless.

The dessert section was expansive, with jigarthanda, rasmalai, jalebi and badam milk and pumpkin halwa… but, everyone also flocked to the jow mittai uncle and the panju mittai thambi.