Quench your thirst with some of these great coolers.

We are smack right in the middle of summer, and we are perpetually parched. Food holds absolutely no charm, and we reach for our sips all the time. In that case summer fruits (high water content) are the prefect ingredients to whip up some delicious mocktails (water-based) or smoothies (yoghurt-based) to replace our unappetising staple meals.

Iced Coffee

Coffee tops everyone's list of cardinal sins; that urge for caffeine is irresistible. But a steaming cup in this steamier climate? ‘Ugh! What do you do then about that caffeine craving that we all have every couple of hours (which is horrendous for your health by the way), downing an average of six to seven cups a day?

Iced coffee is your temporary solution! Empty a sachet (or two depending upon how strong you like it ) of coffee along with chilled milk, sugar or honey and a teaspoon of drinking coco or chocolate flakes (for a yummy flavour) and blend this nicely in the mixer till it froths. Sprinkle a spoon of Bournvita on top of your glass before you lounge back to relish it!

Strawberry Lemonade

These succulent berries are everyone's favourites, and since they are available only for these few months gorge on them as much as you can.

Not only are they packed with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants (works wonders for your hair and skin) but these also help in cooling your body. All you need for this one is thin slices of strawberry, water, soda and lemon juice mixed with sugar. Grind the strawberries at the bottom of the glass before pouring in the liquids and top it up with lots of ice. You can relish this as an evening drink or even carry it to college / work in those hand coolers available in the market.

Mango Lassi

Now which person in the world doesn't love this juicy ripe fruit, the arrival of mangoes is just short of ?celebration' in our country; everyone waits with bated breath for the first sight of this yellow fruit, so pounce on it while it lasts! Mango emits heat, hence it's better to add some yoghurt to nullify it. Put one chopped mango, two cups of skimmed yoghurt, a pinch of sugar, and one cup of pineapple chunks (optional) and spin it in the blender along with ice for a thick lassi, which is a great accompaniment to lunch.

Coconut Virgin Capjirioska

Capjirioska is an ideal summery companion; lemon being the main ingredient (much needed to replenish the energy we lose by sweating). Mix lime juice, brown sugar and mint leaves together and leave the mixture to soak for an hour (make a big pitcher, that way you can have your mocktail anytime you feel like it).

Take a spoonful of that mix and add it to water, soda or Sprite and crushed ice. Pour fresh coconut water (easily available everywhere) and stir that together and sip away!

Orange Spritzer

We usually have a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice (loaded with Vit C) in our fridge at all times. When you add soda, a slice of lemon and ice to that voila your orange spritzer is ready! Pour it in a cool margarita glass (borrow one from your dad's bar) and enjoy!

All the above fruits can also be swapped with others according to your preference like watermelon, peach, plum, cherries, even bananas. Don't let the heat get to you, instead beat it with these mouth-watering yet easy to make coolers!


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