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Updated: May 2, 2011 16:59 IST

Frozen food of the gods

Sushma Karra
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Beat the heat: With ice cream Photo: Mohammed Yousuf
Beat the heat: With ice cream Photo: Mohammed Yousuf

Check out this dessert that has been around for 3000 years.

Ice cream was known to man since the time of Roman emperor Nero (62 A.D.).

It is believed that Nero sent his slaves up the mountains so that they could get him snow and ice. Nero's cooks mixed the ice and snow which the slaves brought back with nectar, honey, fruits and Nero relished it.

The Chinese emperors too ate ice cream 3000 years ago. Ice cream back then wasn't the ice cream it is today.

Milk mix

Marco Polo, the famous explorer and trader, in 1295 returned from China to Italy with the recipe for ice cream. But his recipe required yak milk to be mixed in snow so that ice cream gets a creamy texture.

This is how the idea of adding milk to ice cream was born. Ice cram is now available in various forms and flavours. Aparna A. a Std. III student of Vikas Concept School says, “I like butterscotch ice cream the most because of its crunchiness”.

Chocolate rules

Jessica, a LKG student of St. Andrews school likes strawberry ice cream . Akhil Pippala of Std. X goes for the chocolate. and loves it when it contains cocolate chips.

“Rainbow ice cream is my favourite because it's colourful “, says Katyayini of Vidyaranya School.

The Indian counterpart is known “kulfi”. This has a hint of aromatic spices.

Gelato is Italian dessert containing milk, various sugars and fruits. Sorbet which has only fruit puree and no dairy products. The natural flavours containing real fruits, are just perfect for summer.

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