Thalis with delicacies from Rajasthan and Gujarat leave you confused about what to start with!

Express Avenue's food court has filled up very quickly with big names and, to add to that, the Rajdhani chain of restaurants has opened a joint here. The brand Rajdhani has been in existence for over five decades and is renowned for its commitment to authentic and hygienic food, which includes delicious Rajasthani and Gujarati thalis. Well, if you have been from Mumbai, a thali is not something that will get you on a high. But,

For those who have been munching enough rice and feel it's getting monotonous, here is the good news. We now have a buzzing place in Chennai that serves only thali. Welcome to Rajdhani!

Traditional flavours

These delicious dishes are the handiwork of 15 cooks and a Maharaj (they don't call them ‘Main Chefs' here) who heads the kitchen team. And to top it, A board at the entrance proudly declares that Rajdhani serves about 72 rotating menus round the year. This warrants that no dish is served or repeated for a second time in the year. Tells a tale.. doesn't it?

Once I stepped in, with a friend, the familiar smell of Gujarati dahi kadi and khichdi greeted me. And they outsmart any other food joint with their brisk and quick service. You have to give them full marks for their hospitality and their unique service techniques. How about experiencing a Rajasthani traditional hand-wash right at your table, for instance? Their décor is exceedingly classical and blends perfectly with the theme.

The moment I took a seat in one corner , my bowl was filled at an amazing speed with dhokla Gujarati tindoli, moong masala, phulkas, rotis, kadi, dhal, chawal, papad and what not! It was all done in a split second and this quick was not that very quick to digest! Almost many of us do have some qualms or the other about a haphazard or a lack of quick service. But here is a place in complete contrast, waiting to serve its customers with young friendly waiters right from the word go. Since thali is the main attraction here, it rightly deserves its place of pride in the menu. And

In keeping with the spirit of their young and not-so-obese customers, the food is made with a generous dose of ghee and spice.

The restaurant had stumped me with its choice of rasgulla, kheer and pineapple halwa while a full thali finishes with a glass of buttermilk to wash it all down. The Rajdhani knocked me out with some excellent North-Indian food and courtesy. But I also should mention that they have borrowed Pizza Hut's tradition of ringing the bell on your way out as eager waiters scream aa jao (come again) in unison. Though the restaurant peps you up with a variety of Guju-Raju thali dishes its Main Chef, M.G. Maharaj recommends Gujarati parampudi, dahi vada and the typical Rajasthani dhal bhatia churma as the restaurant's hot favourites! So, waiting to gorge on an authenticated unlimited thali ?.. Steer your vehicle towards

Praveen Iyer, Final Year, Information Technology , Rajalakshmi Engineering College.

The Rajdhani, No 49 & 50 L, 3rd Floor,

Express Avenue Food Court,

Royapettah, Chennai.

Phone: 28464422, 28464433, 9176787707.