Pankaj Bhadouria displays her cooking skills to the people in Bangalore

Watching a live cooking demo is more interesting than watching recorded ones on TV. Here we get to see the person cooking live and displaying their culinary skills to their audience. In this case, the venue is a stylish five-star kitchen, the audience a small group from the media and the performer Pankaj Bhadouria, celebrity chef and winner of India Masterchef, 2010.

As we are all huddled in one corner of the kitchen, Pankaj starts her demo. She shows us how to make a kebab, right from patting them into perfect rounds to frying them crisp on the flat pan. As she is doing it she gives us a short talk on the health benefits of shallow frying, the goodness of almonds the difference between South Indian cooking and Awadhi cooking.

The dishes that she cooked for the day was Lagaan Ka Murg, a special from the Awadhi cuisine, which is cooked on “Dum. The best way for food to be cooked is slow cooking. I find food here very different from the Awadhi cuisine when it comes to flavour and texture, and out of curiosity I end up buying spices from every place that I visit and try out new experiments in my kitchen.” This teacher, who has now become a chef, came to our city to launch the food fest “Zaikedaar” at Kava Grill and Lounge, in Fairfield by Mariott Bengaluru, Rajaninagar.

Pankaj worked with the head chef Mahesh Padala and his team and some of her dishes will also be served during the fest. Now she no longer teaches but runs two cafes and runs a culinary school in Lucknow. She finds cooking therapeutic. “For me it is as good as getting into reading and gives me a lot of satisfaction. I started cooking since I was 10. It was my mother who initiated me into the world of spices. She took great pains about the way she presented the food in stylish ways, she experimented a lot and that got me hooked to cooking.”

The fest will be on at Kava Grill and Lounge, Fairfield by Marriott, Bengaluru Rajajinagar, till March 21 for dinner.

Call 49470020 for details.