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At Cakes n Coffee, say yes to cakes, pizzas and all that the menu has to offer. But instead of a coffee go for a fresh juice or a cooler.

First let's see what's good at Coffee n Cakes. Situated in Eshwarpuri Colony in Sainikpuri, this coffee shop/restaurant is one of those friendly neighbourhood coffee shops where one would love to walk into after dinner for desserts. Besides frequenting this place for desserts, one can also check out English breakfasts, brunch ala-minute, live kebabs, bakers and confectioners and drinks to choose from. What makes Coffee n Cakes a ‘family' hangout joint is its ambience, the seating arrangement and the clutter-free décor.

Its dark brown wooden interiors and soft lights with sometimes blaring, sometimes soft music keeps the younger lot occupied with their chats and loud friendly banter.

The cushy leather sofas are the perfect places to plonk on. Outdoor lovers can settle in the hut next to the kebab station. The place though calls itself Cakes n Coffee, in reality it caters to the needs of all hunger pangs. From bites to big eats.

The most ordered thing on the menu are the fresh juices. Besides the regular fruit juices, Coffee n Cakes also has papaya and pomegranate juice. The menu has blends too — the favourite seems to be the CnC favourite which is a unique blend of papaya and carrot. Loaded with anti-oxidants, this nutrients-packed juice is sure to keep your system clean. Weight watchers can try one of their ‘healthy drinks.' This place has no dearth of options for non-alcoholic drinks.

Of the 10 section of drinks with at least five options to pick from there will definitely be something of your choice.

For the eats one can opt for a sandwich or a Frankie. What will not let you down is the Mexican Cheesy corn sandwich. Another interesting option is the potato chips sandwich or the paneer sandwich. What might look interesting in the Frankie section is the Andhra Chicken Frankie.

In the quick bites there is cheese chilli toast or the cheese garlic bread. Children will love the burgers. CnC has pizzas on offer as well. There is a hawaiam pizza, mushroom olive pizza or try the Mexican pizza. While ordering your pizza choose your crust. What makes these pizzas a little different are the toppings. To cater to the local palate the toppings are curried and spicy. They have the usual pizza topping choice as well. The toppings in the chicken pizza are curried and spicy too. Why? Because ‘the diners' like their spicy tadka toppings.

With ample parking space and a friendly environment the place easily bags the ‘apna hangout' tag. Oh whatever you order wind up with a crème stuffed chocolate doughnut.

Cakes n Coffee

Parking Ample

USP Cakes and Pizza

Table for two

Rs 400 approx