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Lip Smacking: At Fondue in Savera Hotel. Photo : R. Ravindran.
The Hindu Lip Smacking: At Fondue in Savera Hotel. Photo : R. Ravindran.

This fusion cuisine is one to kill for.

Enter The Savera and the first thing you notice is the sheet of water falling on one of the first floor walls. If there is anything like a good first impression, that would be it. The second, third, fourth and every impression after doesn't disappoint with Fondue being more than anyone can ask for.

Specialising in fusion cuisine, the average diner is likely to agape at the menu for a few minutes before regaining composure and placing an order. The menu card bears close resemblance to a book, hard bound cover et al.

Lime punch

The grand tour started with fresh sweet lime juice to beat the hot summer's day. With funky straws and fresh lemon adding aesthetic value, something as simple as sweet lime was well presented and pleasing to the eye. What followed was a mouth-watering platter of various appetisers with ingredients ranging from mushrooms to corn to salads.

Soon after, I was treated to the traditional Swiss dish after which the restaurant is named. Fondue is a dish of bread dipped in molten cheese, though often it is a lot more than just cheese. It is possibly one of the most versatile dishes and often becomes Italian, French or even Indian according to the chef's expertise. What I was served up had broccoli, cauliflower and French beans apart from other veggies to add a healthy taste to the otherwise heavy dish.

If ever you were to choose a soup from the extensive menu, do not miss the Infusion of Mushroom soup. With just the right consistency and an aroma that stays with you for days, it can even double up as a meal! The Clear Vegetable and Spiced Tomato Soups are good, though no competition for the mushroom. The main course offers you everything from Smoked Vegetable Biryani to three quiche and Greek salad. Dessert is, as in most places, the star of the menu and one must try the Italian panacota.

Exquisite recioes

Fondue offers the customer a totally innovative dining experience, with a tinge of alcohol in many of their dishes. However, recipes are not frozen and the chef is willing to personalise it to the customer's choice, either with different flavours or without alcohol. Furthermore, every customer has free access to the chefs, to question, appreciate and request. All staff wear smiley badges on their uniforms to spread the message of cheer and the restaurant is well lit with brilliant interior design based largely on wooden furniture and beige walls.

Everything seems to be going right for Fondue until one takes a look at the right column in the menu. Prices are definitely on the higher end. A bread basket costs about Rs. 150 and their characteristic cheese fondue is priced at Rs. 650. Students, if you have some generous friends/relatives/parents/strangers or maybe win the lottery, don't miss this one!

Yashaswini has just completed her A Levels.

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