St. Michels' new deli offers burgers, fried chicken, sandwiches, pizzas...

Once upon a time, not so long ago there were only a handful of bakeries. These bakeries, which served delectable pastries, hot from the oven puffs and the like lived in harmony. But one day, more bakeries popped up and soon it became a survival of the fittest. While some bakeries had to close shop due to tough competition, others like St. Michels for instance, have moved with the times.

“It is important to have a pulse on your customers. The youth of today no longer want plain old burgers or cream laden cakes. They want more; they want quick meals,” says Michel David, the proprietor of St. Michels. And so to offer ‘more,' the four-decade old bakery has started a deli at its Plamoodu outlet.

Impressive menu

The menu at the deli is rather impressive. As starters, there is Hot Wings (three pieces of chicken wings in a spicy dip) for Rs. 90, Fish Nuggets for Rs. 50, French Fries for Rs. 30 and Wedges for Rs. 30 to name a few. There are three kinds of meals to choose from at the deli: Individual Meals, Family Meals and Combo Meals. All the three are value for your money deals. In the Individual Meals, one can choose from a Two piece chicken meal (Rs. 135), Three piece chicken meal (Rs. 165), Three piece boneless chicken strips (Rs, 120) and St. Michels Deli box (Rs. 140).

While the first three meals have KFC-styled fried chicken with a can of Pepsi, French Fries and a bun, the St. Michels Deli box has two pieces of chicken, a burger, French Fries and a can of Pepsi.

Depending on how large or how big an appetite your family has, you can choose from Regular family meal (eight piece chicken, one large fries, four buns, coleslaw and a medium bottle of Pepsi) for Rs. 550, Large family meal (12 pieces of chicken, one large fries, six buns, a medium bottle of Pepsi and a coleslaw) for Rs. 655 or Family feast (six piece chicken, four piece boneless chicken strip, buns and French Fries) for Rs. 499.

Combo meals have a succulent burger, non-stringy French Fries and a can of Pepsi as a package deal. You can pick from Crispy chicken burger meal (crispy, deep fried and spicy pate) at Rs. 120, Zinger supreme burger meal (crispy, deep fried and spicy pate) at Rs. 135 and Chicken burger meal at Rs. 120.

For those who want a burger sans French Fries and Pepsi can choose from the Burger Meals. The Barbeque chicken burger (Rs. 90) is my personal favourite. A thick chicken pate with a touch of barbeque sauce and a slice of cheese in between the bun, it is quite a hearty meal.

St. Michels Crispy Chicken Wrap (Rs. 50) is also worth a try. A chappati with chicken, capsicum and onion in Thousand Island sauce filling, it is perfect for those who want a quick but filling snack. Chicken hot dog (Rs. 60) is a bit of disappointment though as it is just a plain old sausage and cheese in a bun with a touch of mayonnaise and ketchup.

From the grilled sandwiches section, I would recommend the Chicken cheese and ham (Rs. 50). It is a light meal in itself. Lovers of pizza can choose from Paneer Tikka Pizza, Bacon and Salami Pizza and Chicken Pizza to name a few.

Barely a couple of weeks old, the deli is still in its infant stage. Although the dishes served at the deli are available at the other St. Michels outlets in the city through order, one has to wait for an hour or so for the dishes to be delivered to these outlets from the Plamoodu outlet. The deli also does home delivery for orders above Rs. 200 in a radius of three to five kilometre of Plamoodu.

Contact: 2302832.

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