Wishbone fuses healthy dining and taste

Good and delectable food rank high in the wish list of many people who may or may not be gourmets. Feasting on tasty food that is also healthy is, slowly but surely, making its way into the wish list of a growing clan.

A new joint called Wishbone at Kuravankonam junction seeks to capture this space by promising to strike a balance between the tasty and healthy cuisine.

A creation of nutritionist Lalitha Appukkutan, Wishbone was born out of her philosophy ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Wishbone offers two choices to its guests, ‘Ultimate Wish’ and ‘Heavenly Wish’. Dr. Lalitha says: “Ultimate wish is for those who believe in eating right and healthy, but without compromising on taste. ‘Heavenly wish’ includes a variety of choicest dishes that also score on nutritional aspects.”

The restaurant owes its name to the wishbone, a Y-shaped bone in the neck region of birds, including chicken. Popular culture associates the bone with the fulfilment of wishes.

True to its name, ‘chicken lovers’ can hope to have their gastronomic wishes fulfilled as chicken is a chief ingredient in the dishes on the menu. From chicken drumstick leaf soup and chicken kofta and pakora to chicken salad, tomato chicken roast, chicken thattukada and tomato garlic chicken curry, there are options galore.

Says Dr. Lalitha: “Chicken is a healthy meat option; it is rich in protein and has good cholesterol.” A plate of chicken kofta or pakoras cost Rs. 90 and tomato garlic chicken curry is priced at Rs. 100. Vegetarians need not despair. One can try ‘tomato ridge gourd soup’ or ‘peas palak soup’. Fresh salads called ‘Summer Garden’ or ‘Confetti Salad’ are worth trying. There are also vegetable dumplings, vegetable fritters and some interesting curries such as ‘Mosaic Masala’, which has ‘palak’, mushroom, carrot, shallots and paneer cooked in a “secret masala combination”, for example.

Chicken and vegetarian curries can be had with bread rolls, idiyappam, veeshappam, parotta or with the Italian tortilla. Mushrooms, tomatoes, leafy vegetables, shallots and garlic are used in most of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

“The ingredients used in the preparations served are born out of my years of research. Mushroom is rich in protein and is low in calorific value. It has anti-cancerous and anti-obesity properties and is a vegetarian equivalent of egg. Similarly, tomatoes help to regulate metabolism and have low calorific value. Leafy vegetables make the body alkaline, which is needed for maintaining energy levels,” explains Dr. Lalitha who is also a food therapist.

Varieties of rice such as coconut rice, chicken rice, mixed rice and tandoor preparations are on the menu and to complete the course, there are delectable drinks such as ‘Cool Beet’, ‘Milky Way’ and ‘Sunset Surprise’ and desserts such as coffee vanilla, tender coconut and ragi pudding.

The ambience of this restaurant, which can accommodate 40 guests at one go, is inviting with the interiors done up in shades of green. The restaurant offers the option of free home delivery to nearby localities. It is open from 12 noon to 11 p.m. For reservations and birthday parties, contact 9142777000.