The recently launched Barrels in Vasant Kunj market can entice you with not just its food and drinks but also with its interiors

Gone are the days in Delhi when a restaurant with wooden chairs and painted walls serving food in big bowls did well.

or some time now, the interiors and the ambience are as important as the food. The very first step into a restaurant should have an impact, should convey a message to the diner.

One of the recent examples of it is Barrels, PVR Cinema in the Vasant Vihar market. Though its entry is from the back, and can be a put-off for some, once you enter, it is a different world. Amazing graffiti walls and sculptures depicting a new world order in its own uncharacteristic way.

Barrels is the brain child of two friends — Akshay Ohri and Priyanka Sharma. They left their jobs and got Barrels on its feet within 45 days.

Its drinks menu is as exciting as its food menu. The cocktails from the Directors Cut section are worth a try. But the USP of Barrels is the offers and competitions which it runs.

Like finish your beer within five seconds and get it for free. The competition is tough as the current record is of 2.5 seconds. Buy a bottle, drink a glass and get the rest barrelled to consume it within 45 days.

Well, after sipping Deep Blue Ocean — a nice refreshing mocktail, I try some food as well. Butterfly wantons and barbecued chicken sausages are amazing. Wantons have a nice flavourful stuffing and a crunchy outer crust. The sausages are moist and done to perfection.

Malu Pan and Bunny Chow, the African master dish, are average and have the same stuffing which disappoints me a bit. On the other hand, the African drumsticks from the tandoor section is juicy and tender. The Vietnamese chicken skewers need a bit more of lemon grass in it.

Grilled Asparagus, the only vegetarian dish which I try at Barrels, is light and tasty.

I also try out its Floating Fish with chili oyster sauce served with steamed rice, a main course option. Though the fish is tasty and silky, the sauce is way too spicy.

Even a sip of the chilled mocktail couldn’t clear my palate. The dessert which comes to my rescue is a classic chocolate brownie topped with a scoop of vanilla served on a sizzler plate. What a sinful delight it is!

Meal for two: Rs.800

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