That's Y On The Go looks, smells and tastes very different from the other restaurants in the city

Cheer up folks. There is a new address in town. It goes by the name, That's Y On the Go, but, rest assured it is not a mere take away. On Race Course, a cobbled drive way leads you to the restaurant, that is well hidden from the main road. A big plate glass façade reveals clean lines, bright lights and a cheerful and welcoming ambience. It's different. There are informal wooden tables with bench-like seating, as well as pockets of blue where you could sink into sofas and eat. A pleasant sound of clinking glasses and chatter fills the room. We are shown our table next to the ‘family wall' as the owner of the restaurant Ranjana explains. It is covered with family snaps; kids, uncles, aunts, grandparents, parents, friends and so on.

Family ties

Even the menu reflects the family and friends touch. There is a Shivani's Roll, a Preeti's Nachos and an Anoushka Cake. “I couldn't have done it without their support,” explains Ranjana, in between taking orders and greeting the diners.

Those of us who have lived long enough in Coimbatore and know Ranjana's other place, That's Y Food should have no qualms about eating here. “But, please note that this one offers a completely different menu,” she says as we search in vain for our usual fix of Veg platter and mud pie. Indeed, the food is very different. Mostly continental, there is a satisfying choice of pastas, and bruschettas, starters and desserts. Ranjana looks pleased as she tells us how some regulars at That's Y Food landed up on the opening day and expected to be served the same food. They were persuaded to try out the new menu which they did and at the end of it told a very nervous Ranjana, “Though we can't pronounce half the dishes on the menu, we loved the food!”

The menu card matches the tone of the restaurant. It is informal and cheeky and fun to go through. It carries helpful tips on how to pronounce some of the dishes. For example when you read “Lavache” you know it is to be pronounced as Laavaash! Or, how ‘Ratatouille' is supposed to sound when you order it out loud.

There are little asides that urge you to try a particular dish over the other. Some of the dishes have ‘It's gooood' next to them. At one place there is a highly diverting note that says “I find it very strange when people don't ask for specials…you don't know what you are missing out. Please ask for the specials”.

The Smooshies are smoothies spelt differently! We try out the banana walnut and honey one. We also down the exotic Hibiscus drink (very Pondicherry) and ginger nectar. Misshapen whole potatoes called ‘Bashed up potatoes' arrive as starters. Bashed up or not, they are quite delicious with cheese and herbs. A colourful salad, with feta cheese served alongside, is as pleasing to the eye as it is to taste. “The pastas are doing well,” says Ranjana. And indeed, with cheese, and fresh herbs and crisp vegetables, why shouldn't they be?

Taste the world

There are Falafals, Moroccan specialties, Cajun dishes, Sri Lankan Pol Sambol, grilled fish served with Wasabi, and a fragrant saffron chicken (these come served with butter parsley rice), along with a whole bunch of other stuff that one sees and hears of on the Travel and Living Channel! Oh yes, there are waffles too, God Bless them. It is a hundred-cover restaurant and for the moment is open only for dinner. Located at 167 Race Course (near Photo Centre), it is shut on Wednesdays. For reservations and details call 0422 4520116-7.