Head to Alto Vino for a sampling of authentic Italian delights from Chef Alfonso

With its high ceiling chandeliers, little candles on every table and a small water fountain in the background, Alto Vino looks every bit a fine dining restaurant. It is located in the Marriott hotel in Whitefield and dishes out a host of authentic Italian delicacies. Chef Alfonso Montefusco says, “I have made an attempt to recreate the food I used to eat at home in Italy. Though we are separated by great distances, there are many similarities between India and Italy, in terms of food and familial ties.”

We start the meal with a salad of tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella cheese. The ingredients are fresh and the cheese tastes heavenly. The lemon-marinated calamari with tartar sauce is a little spicy, has a hint of tang and serves as an excellent starter. If a selection of items is what you prefer, you could dig into the assortment of antipasti platters on offer. In the soups, we sample the clear chicken soup, served with beans and mushrooms and an assortment of vegetables. “I like to make soups the way my mother used to make it. I use big vegetable pieces that add to the flavour and taste of the soup,” says Chef Alfonso. The hot soup clears up the sinuses and makes one ready for the main course.

We try the egg yolk ravioli, filled with egg yolks and a creamy cheese mixture, it tastes superb and is very filling. The yolk was not out of place in the ravioli mix and adds to the taste. The cheese is chewy. We also sample portions of the Risotto ai funghi, a very popular risotto dish, cooked with porcini mushrooms. “It is the dish that is simple to cook and tastes good,” says the chef. With a smattering of cheese on the side, it tastes absolutely heavenly. We finish the meal with portions of Tiramisu, served from a massive bowl, making it easier for more helpings. Al Vino is located at the Mariott hotel. Call 6718 9999.