A simple fish dish, lightly sautéed

Avoiding meat in the heat? Go for a lightly done fish then. This is a simple, easy to cook recipe sent to us by Chef Rajeev Sethi of Fio Cookhouse, Epicura.

Grilled sea bass with white wine and dill sauce


150 gm sea bass fish

100 ml white wine

10 gm fresh dill

50 ml olive oil

20 ml cooking cream

10 gm butter

Salt and pepper

10 gm red capsicum

10 gm yellow capsicum

10 gm green zucchini

10 yellow zucchini

10 gm carrot

10 gm French beans

100 ml vegetable stock


Marinate the sea bass with salt, pepper and olive oil, set aside. Reduce the white wine till half, add dill and cooking cream, cook for one minute, add butter and season with salt and pepper.

Take a pan, boil the vegetable stock, add all the vegetables and cook for two minutes. Heat the grill or pan, brush it with oil, add sea bass, sear both the sides till brown. Serve with boiled vegetables and white wine and dill sauce.

Chef Rajeev Sethi is Executive Chef, Fio Cookhouse, Epicuria, Nehru Place, New Delhi. Despite having the knowledge and confidence of all that he has learnt in the past eight years, Chef Rajeev says he treats every dish as the most important one that has been cooked by him.

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