Karavalli celebrates its 20th anniversary with a special menu

Chef Naren Thimmaiah has sufficient reason to celebrate. The young chef who began his career at the Karavalli in The Gateway Hotel, today after two decades continues to satiate both the Indian and international palate with an eclectic menu lifted straight from the kitchens of the coast.

Karavalli has made her mark and now sits comfortably in her niche as one of the finest restaurants that serve authentic Mangalorean, Coorgi, Goan and Malayalee food. Every dish is a testament by itself to the restaurant and the team. The spices that envelop the meen pollichadu and the Coorg fried chicken play a symphony on your taste buds, and the coconutty perfection of the kori gassi (Mangalorean chicken curry) and the pachakkari stew justify the awards and international acclaim they have pocketed over the years.

In desserts, bebinca, dodol and ada pradhaman, have all emerged champions and earned a special mention. Also look out for the sol kadi, the humble blend of coconut milk, onions, chillies and lots of things Indian, is a shocking explosion of flavours.

Set in a traditional Mangalorean tiled house complete with garden and waterfall the ambience sets the mood for the journey your senses are about to embark on. At night, the restaurant is completely transformed with diyas and lanterns that pepper the set, romanticising the scene and making it the perfect picture postcard. The ambience, the food, the service, and the hospitality, Karavalli gets it all right. The chefs take special efforts to bring the authenticity that has ensured them unwavering patronage over the years. Ingredients like kodampuli and toddy vinegar are procured directly from Kerala and Goa. Wood and charcoal ovens are still used, like in the traditional households these dishes are indigenous to. Thimmaiah and his team are exalting south west coastal cuisine with twenty all-time favourite dishes in a special menu, on offer till July 4, for lunch or dinner from the a la carte menu. Call: 66604545.