Break the fast with some mouth-watering dishes

Iftar parties are the talk of the town as master chefs vie with each other to create mouth-watering dishes to feast on in the evenings. Here are a few simple recipes to recreate the taste of Iftar.

Banana Ball


Half kg fully ripe bananas

Half cup coconut

Four tbsp sugar

Half tsp cardamom powder

20 cashew nuts

20 raisins

4 tbsp maida

Oil (for frying)

2 tbsp ghee


Place bananas in a pan and steam them or microwave it. Remove and slice into round pieces. Heat ghee in a pan and add bananas, sugar, cardamom powder, coconut, cashew nuts, and raisins. Mix well and cook covered on low flame for three minutes. Remove from heat and mash the mixture finely. Shape into small round balls. Mix maida with little water in a bowl to make a smooth thin paste. Dip the banana balls into the maida mix. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry the balls until it becomes golden colour on all sides.

Easy chicken curry masala without oil


2 kg chicken

8 onions, large (chopped)

12 tsp ginger garlic paste

6 green chilli (crushed)

2 tbsp lemon juice

4 tsp chilli powder

4 tsp turmeric powder

4 tsp coriander powder

8 tsp chicken curry masala powder (any brand)

Handful of curry leaves

Salt to taste

2-3 tbsp methi leaves (to garnish)

2 tbsp crushed cashew nut

200 gm coconut milk powder


Wash and drain excess water from chicken, and then marinate chicken with all the above ingredients except crushed cashew nut, coconut milk powder and methi leaves and keep aside for one hour or until use. Cook the marinated chicken in a kadai. Add coconut powder in warm water and crushed cashew nut and add it to cooked chicken and heat it in medium heat for five minutes. Then add methi leaves and cook it in medium heat for two to three minutes.

Ramzan Noimbu Kanji


300 gm plain rice

1.5 litre water

Half tsp cumin powder

Half tsp fenugreek powder

Half tsp garlic paste

Half tsp finely chopped ginger or dry ginger powder

5 small onions

Half tsp coriander powder

1 cup coconut milk

Quarter tsp turmeric powder



Boil water and add washed rice to it and cook until it becomes soft. Add other ingredients except coconut milk and boil it for eight minutes on a low flame. Then add coconut milk and boil it for three minutes. Serve hot.