The City of Joy’s famous eatery comes to Hyderabad, bringing with it loads of good eats

Breakfast at Flurys? Not yet. A hearty snack at Flurys? Most definitely. Calcutta’s (we’ll go with Calcutta since Flurys was synonymous with the city since 1927, decades before it became Kolkata) famous eatery felt the need to expand and has set foot in Hyderabad, albeit with a large kiosk on the third floor of GVK One, as part of its food court.

The outlet tries its best to evoke memories of the famous eatery on Park Street in its limited space. The display area is tastefully done up in the brand’s colours of muted pink and chocolate brown. There is no set menu as the food keeps changing each day.

Before we discuss what’s on offer, a word of caution for weight watchers: This isn’t the place to visit if you’re hoping to munch on carrot/cucumber sticks. The crunchy, crumbly puffs stuffed with minced chicken/assorted vegetables or cheese and the fresh cream or chocolate cakes are not to be analysed for calories.

The spinach-corn quiche turns out to be a delight as we bite into the fresh spinach and corn, blended with cheese, on a base of layered, fluffy pastry. The success of a quiche lies in its pastry base. This one is a winner. The food at Flurys is on the blander side, keeping with international palates. So don’t expect it to tickle the Hyderabadi taste buds used to spice and chilly.

The chicken quiche is basic with a mix of egg white, cheese and chicken. A small helping of herbs would have helped to perk it up perhaps? Also try the Flurys favourite chicken puff with its large crusty pastry. The vegetarian variants have vegetable, corn and capsicum puffs. Wash them down with an earl grey or lime tea or cappuccino.

It’s tough to leave Flurys without sampling some of its sweet treats — Pineapple cream cake, Strawberry cube, Almond cheese tart, Cinnamon rolls, Black forest cake, Fudge brownie, Chocolate cakes, house-made chocolates in different flavours, bite-sized cookies and short breads.

We’d recommend the Pineapple cream cake for its fresh cream and soft, moist cake. The Strawberry cube is one of those rare treats that don’t have an overpowering strawberry essence. Lightly creamy and a crumbly cake makes it unforgettable. The Almond cheese tart tasted great too with just the right amount of cheese and sugar.

The famous Rum balls are also part of the menu. The serving is generous so be sure you have a friend to share it with. We found the Rum balls a bit too rich with an overpowering taste of rum.

If you aren’t in the mood for rich desserts, try the Baba cake or in other words a simple rolled fruit cake.

Something to pack home? Gourmet chocolates and a range of breads (milk, garlic and masala) are available.

Besides great food, the pricing is also reasonable with most items priced between Rs. 40 and 60. That’s not all. Expect a few more outlets of Flurys in the city, possibly with an inclusion of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Address: GVK One food court, third floor, Road no.1, Banjara Hills

USP: Baked goodies

Meal for two: Rs. 200 to 400