Prix Fixe Lunch at Olive Beach was over the top

Before we start here is a quick how to “dress up” in a simple DIY step-by-step process. Wear your sunglasses (preferably big and snazzy) on your head.

Pretend you are handling matters of national importance on your smart phone. Also, ignore the menu and spout off the name of some Spanish red, and if you have no clue then ask the waiter to recommend a fine fruity wine. Be difficult to please and wait till he has gone through at least three names.

If you are thinking what this has to do with food – when you step into Olive Beach looking like a journalist and find society ladies in their Saturday couture casuals and blow dried hair — it will make sense.

So I waited sipping something chilled, white and Spanish, and looked at the bread with disdain. I was there for the latest Prix Fixe Lunch that Olive Beach has introduced into the menu.

First up in front of me was the mushroom aglio olio pepperoncino from the “To Begin With” section. For you and me that would be button mushrooms with olive oil, garlic, chilli flakes, and parsley. I dare you to not mop up every last bit of it with the previously neglected bread. It was sharp and tangy and you just want to pop those cute little buttons into your mouth. But I would suggest you fork it, ladylike.

My guest ordered the gambas picante, the description reads, prawn sautéed in a spicy tomato and cream sauce with zattar crisp. I steered clear of the prawns, but gave the spicy tomato and cream sauce a go. Don't even waste your time considering, order it.

My next course from the “Nourishment” section was the Helen of Troy of gastronomic delights, a plate that will launch a 1000 ships, well not really, but it does sound thrilling to say. Pan seared basa. Let us pause a moment while I relish those moments of lemon and herb basa with tossed vegetables, resting on a throne of mashed potatoes. This superb construction is circled by a glorious lemon mustard emulsion. It is the moment we have all been waiting for, dessert, or heaven as they have so appropriately sub-titled it on the menu. How does one choose between a chocolate éclair and a mango semi-freddo? It's like having to choose between your two children. The semi-freddo is a divine Italian specialty and with the passion fruit coulis drizzled across the top and the brandy snap resting on it, your meal is complete. Oh wait, its not, the éclair, the chocolate éclair completes it, stuffed with vanilla caviar crème anglaise dipped in rich chocolate. There is the plebeian rip off across bakeries in the city. Do not be fooled, save this gem for the end.

Olive Beach is located at 16, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar. For details contact 41128400/ 9945565483.