Boneless duck thigh

- 120 gm

Button mushroom - 25 gm

Garlic paste – 1 tsp

Brown sugar - 1 tsp

Honey - 1 tsp

Ketchup - 1 tsp

Black pepper powder - 1 tbsp

Salt as required

Red wine - 2 cups

Butter - 5 tbsp

Soya sauce - 2 tsp

Vegetable oil - 3 tsp

Zucchini for garnish

Coriander for garnish

Tomato for garnish

Sprout for garnish

Leeks 1 spring


Marinate the duck overnight in soya sauce, red wine, pepper powder, ketchup, honey, brown sugar, vegetable oil and garlic paste. Grill the marinated duck for five minutes.

A note before marinating: Gently simmer the marinade (ingredients used for marinating) until the raw flavour goes and the sauce thickens.

Sauté mushroom with butter and add to the sauce, place the grilled duck and simmer for five minutes. Be careful with the salt as soya sauce might already have salt.

Plate it with mushroom and leeks as base, remove the duck place it over the base and garnish with tomato, zucchini, sprout and coriander leaf.

Ramu Butler is corporate chef and F&B manager Ramada Cochin

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