At Crostini taste doesn’t come at the cost of health

It is always hard to stand against the flow and move forward. Recently I met a young enthusiastic lady Mitali Kalra who is on a mission to get everyone to eat healthy. The investment banker, who completed her MBA from INSEAD, always felt that her friends and colleagues don’t have easy access to healthy food options. So she came up with a health café called Crostini in Hauz Khas village. A small, cozy, pretty and cheerful place where Mitali along with her team of chefs rustle up nutritious food in a small open kitchen counter just next to your table.

Before I began my gastronomic journey Mitali told me that with Crostini she wants everyone to chuck the greasy, unhealthy food and return to eating raw, fresh, natural, wholesome food.

Starting on a healthier note, I tasted broccoli and spinach soup. Soup was quite wholesome and thick in texture. I could taste the granules of broccoli in my soup. The soup was followed by Lebanese mezze platter which came with traditional dips and pita bread. I quite liked the hummus which was perfectly blended in olive oil. Pita bread was made with a wheat dough and a bit dry but it was healthy. Shish taouk made with a chicken breast on that day was chewy but its flavours were perfect. I accompanied my food with a healthy drink named happy heart made out of avocado, orange and strawberries.

Smoothies at Crostini are made out of skimmed milk and yoghurt and can be topped by a scoop of whey protein. Wraps are made of whole wheat and have nutritious filling options of tofu, chicken and sprouts. Section Protein pockets offers an array of evening snacks like lightly roasted soya nuggets, paneer chunks and grilled fish to name a few. I tasted the Greek style pizza made out of sundried tomato pesto, cherry tomatoes, red onions, olives, feta and roasted bell peppers and it was delicious.

I signed off with a brownie and though it was made with whole wheat dough it was not at all dry and tasted yummy. Pizza lovers should opt for wicked dessert pizza having walnuts, dark chocolate, fruits and a bit of vanilla ice cream.

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