Food, fun and drama will come together for SuperChef Chennai

Admit it. You’ve always wanted to schmooze a crowd. The whole light-camera-action deal. Gasps, shrugs and oodles of drama. Here’s your chance. SuperChef Chennai. Of course, it’s cooking related. What did you expect? This is the new wave of reality TV. Audiences holding their breath while you pray your soufflé doesn’t sink like a stone. Food has never been so dramatic.

On February 2 and 3, SuperChef Chennai will unfurl at The Park. Announcing the event, with a quick ‘celebrity cooking’ display at 601, The Park’s Coffee Shop, Farheen Pasha of the Madras Cosmopolitan Ladies Circle 38, explained the rules. The competition is open to non-professionals and amateur cooks, aged above 15.

It’s currently in the first phase, where they’re accepting applications in the form of signature recipes. Of these, 40 will be chosen. On February 2, the chosen ones will present their dishes at the pre-cooked preliminary round. From here, 12 finalists will be shortlisted to participate in the final cook off on February 3.

Live action

This is where all the action is: Live cooking in front of an audience that includes celebrity judges (Tarla Dalal and Vicky Ratnani of NDTV Good Times) and the media. Chef Rajesh Radhakrishnan, who is one of the judges, explained what they’re looking for. Originality, of course. Also “creativity, complexity, taste and presentation”.

Proceeds from the event will go to charity in the form of medical equipment for Mahesh Memorial Trust of the Adyar Cancer Institute for children. Encouraging people to spread the word, actor Gauthami talked of the importance of realising that many illnesses are preventable by living responsibly. “By treating ourselves and our bodies with care and respect.” Tarla Dalal, who was also present, said she’s always happy to participate in any event conducted to raise money for charity.

Prizes include holidays for two in Kumarakom or Goa, kitchen appliances and gift hampers. To participate, visit or call 96293-45925. For those of you who prefer to stay away from the stoves, audience tickets are available at Rs. 500 for a category.