Eating Out Coffee World's combination store has an embarrassment of riches

Coffee, ice cream, waffles, sandwiches, salads, donuts and…phew! The list is endless. Welcome to Coffee World, Cream & Fudge Factory and Donut Baker all rolled into one at Kalyannagar. The food is tasty, freshly-made and — believe it or not — healthy!

“We never compromise on quality,” said a smiling Vidya, manager of the restaurant. There's merit in what Vidya says. You won't find any food wrapped in plastic or aluminium foil, all of it is made in front of the customer.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is simply irresistible, so the first item I ordered was one of the eight newly-introduced beverages — Caramel Cappuccino, the taste of which is unique — dominated by the strong flavour of cappuccino with only a tinge of caramel. Next to be ordered was honey-crunch frappe. Topped with whipped cream and small pieces of caramel, it is a smooth blend of coffee, caramel and ice. The whipped cream lends a mellow taste.

The menu has some interesting sandwiches on offer — vegetable/ chicken makhni, and a whole lot of others. I chose BBQ chicken sandwiches. The combination of grilled brown bread, lots and lots of chicken pieces, mayonnaise, lettuce and barbeque sauce makes the sandwich incredibly tasty.

The diet salad is a mix of crisp and fresh vegetables — neatly diced tomatoes, carrots, slices of onion and cabbage leaves. The low-fat mayonnaise and strips of cheese used as garnishing are ambrosial.

If you have a sweet tooth, the donuts and ice creams are must haves. I tasted three donuts from the assortment on offer — chocolate fudge, double white chocolate chip and bow tie. All the donuts are freshly fried. The chocolate fudge donut is coated with yummy, mushy chocolate. The double white chocolate donut has a cake base, coated with cream and chocolate chips. Just when you'll think it tastes like cake, the taste of chocolate chips and cream overtakes you... In the end, you just settle on one simple adjective to describe the donut — delicious. One bite of the oblong-shaped bow tie donut will set your heart racing for it just melts in your mouth.

There are scores of ice cream flavours to choose from at the Cream & Fudge Factory — from chocolate, strawberry to unusual flavours such as peanut butter and bubblegum. The chocolate strawberry heaven is an exotic mix of chocolate and strawberry ice cream, pie filling and a sprinkling of chocolate chips.

I ended my meal with the highly recommended Belgian waffle. This eggy waffle is delightfully soft and the chocolate and strawberry filling makes it lip-smacking.

The combination store of Coffee World, Cream & Fudge Factory and Donut Baker is at the Cavalier Tower, no. 702, 7{+t}{+h} ‘B' Main, HRBR Layout, Kalyannagar. Ph: 080-42084228 or +91 9880720884.

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