Benihana, a recently opened Japanese restaurant, offers gourmets excellent dishes, prepared in Teppanyaki style

Out of the many theme-based restaurants which have been launched recently, the one which has impressed me the most is Benihana. Located at Epicuria Mall below Nehru Place Metro station this Japanese restaurant specializes in the popular Teppanyaki style of cooking.

Teppanyaki is a method of cooking derived from the words teppan meaning iron plate or pan in Japanese and yaki, which indicates grilling or barbecuing. The best part of teppanyaki is that cooking and eating can be done in the same place, making it a fun possibility for a party. The ambience is simple and a complete fine dining option. Eight Teppanyaki tables in a row are a spectacular visual delight with eight chefs juggling and cooking exclusively at their assigned tables.

Apart from the tasty food, staff at Benihana is very hospitable. I was quite impressed by the manager Anshad Ummer who visits every table and educates about Teppanayaki and a brief history of Benihana as a brand. The meal at Benihana begins with a delicate Japanese onion soup, followed by a salad with ginger dressing. Then the chef prepares the chosen chicken, lamb or seafood, along with vegetables, hibachi-style on the sizzling grill surface. I liked the onion soup for its aroma and subtle flavour. It seemed that it had healing powers in it as I felt quite a relief after finishing the hot bowl.

Salad though having very simple ingredients was very refreshing due to the chilled cabbage in it. Topped with ginger gave the salad nice flavour too. I wonder why Japanese are so agile and fit. Their food quality is top class and cooking technique emphasises to keep the core nutrients intact. Benihana tempura sushi’s are worth a try specially the salmon and tuna variants. Being a tempura it had a nice outer crunch. Rocky’s Choice which is one of the signatures having tenderloin lamb and hibachi chicken was really a meat eater’s delight. Even the prawns in garlic and chilli were so tender and perfectly done that they went well with the fried rice and grilled vegetables.

Chef also did Benihana special salmon and basa for me on the teppanyaki and what a nice flavourful preparation it was! A little bit of Soya sauce sprinkle and butter gave the fish a nice flavour. After all the spicy grills I ended with a nice green tea cream brulee which had a great after taste.

Meal for two: Rs 3500

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